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Six Tips For Online Slot Players

Numerous articles have been written about tips on beating the odds when it comes to playing slot machines online. The truth is, most of it is  rubbish and should not be taken seriously. Like, how can one possibly tweak Random Number Generator (RGN) system in slots? There are real ways to cheat slots but there are credible tips that could help slot players improve their game.

#1 – Read the rules and choose to play free mode first before playing for real money. The rules are not hard to understand as they are mostly intuitive even for first time players.  Trying out the slot for free allows player to gain the necessary experience to play confidently. This does not require a long time as one only needs a few spins on the slot to comprehend who the slot works. Try to look for free Vegas slots for real money at trustworthy online casinos.

#2-  Always take advantage of bonus offers, which will earn players more game credits for their preferred slot game. However, some of these offers have impossible terms linked to them before a player can cash out incentives. Free spins on slots and other welcome bonuses are often offered to newly-registered player.  Before signing up, check the bonus conditions of said offers.

#3- Playing for the jackpot is not quite as straightforward as players are required to  satisfy a minimum bet to win a jackpot. As a general rule, a player is required to bet the highest possible wager to qualify for the jackpot. However, there are some slot machines with levels of jackpots to be won based on one’s bet. It is best to play with higher bets as this will greatly improve one’s chances of hitting the top jackpot.

#4- It is mostly true that online casinos afford better payback percentages than land-based casinos. The payback percentage range for slot machines is between 85% to 98%, all published on the casino website. In the case of land-based casino slots, there is no legitimate way to tell their payback percentage.  The fact is that slot machines with higher payback percentages give players greater opportunity to win each time they play.

#5- Most players switch machines if they have no luck in the slot machine they are playing.  The reality is doing so will not make any difference as winning in slots depends largely on “chance” or luck. A particular machine may have a long dry spell or  several big jackpots in succession. Changing slot machine does not help one to hit the jackpot; but doing so won’t hurt the player or the casino.

#6 –  Some players believe that betting more per spin will increase their chances of winning. This is not true as payouts of a slot machine is highly based on the probability of symbols appearing and their equivalent  prize value. So in reality, the chances of winning remain the same at all times.  Note though that there are very rare slots that do offer changing payouts.

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