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Parx Casino’s Pennsylvania Sportsbook Wins Awards For Its Impressive Nature

The top Pennsylvania sportsbook of 2016 to 2017 was voted for as Parx Casino for the impressive nature of its work the brand has achieved giving customers exactly what they want. Parx Casino has been at the heart of the rise of the Pennsylvania Sportsbook because of the role it plays as part of what was once Keystone race track. When it was first established, Parx Casino was located in the grandstand of the racetrack with the owners of the group playing an instrumental role in the development of the initial bill signed into law by the governor. The success of the racetrack has led to the casino being born followed by the brand becoming the first fully regulated Pennsylvania sportsbook in mid-2019.

The question is, how has Parx Casino become such an important factor in the Pennsylvania sportsbook sector that it is consistently voted to the top casinos in the U.S. lists from major gaming publications. When the brand looks at the members it has developed over the years it does not want them to be seen as just a name and number but instead, they are seen as an important part of the Parx Casino and Philly community. Wanting to take care of their customers in a safe and efficient way is vital to the future of the casino brand as they have developed an effective customer service department intent on taking care of the valued customers of the brand. Making sure every possible customer service option is open to the customer of the brand means being available through email, chat platforms, and telephone. There are many options open to customers to keep in touch with the casino brand as Parx Casino believes the community they have created will extend years into the future.

Making sure everybody is safe to play

One of the most important aspects of the switch to a new way of doing business via the internet which sees the issue of identity theft and underage people playing a major issue to solve. For Parx Casino, the need to retain its status as the first fully regulated Pennsylvania sportsbook has never been greater with the brand looking to secure its future by maintaining its right to check the identity of all players. The identity of guests is taken extremely seriously by the owners of Parx Casino who have decided the best option is to work with various parties specializing in identity checks to make sure all players are verified as legal to play.

Being clear about all responsibilities

No matter where you are looking to play, either online or at the physical location of Parx Casino it is vital every customer is aware of their responsibilities as they play games or place sports bets. The first step is to understand there is no requirement to play any online casino games, but when a player does make the decision to play it is entirely their choice to do so. When making the choice to play casino games or take part in sports betting options, each customer agrees to a form of contract stating they are over 21 and have the ability to play as an adult.

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