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No More Complication for Perfect French and German Football Bets

The former star of the National of Europe is now a renowned sports analyst, so his ideas can be extremely useful for bets inspired by the big football event of the summer. “Euro 2016 is a special European championship: the first with 24 teams. We will have no less than 50 matches until the grand final on July 10. Who will be the new queen of Europe? France and Germany are the best teams I would still tip the balance to France, which has two advantages over the Germans, it plays at home and has more players in top form, “believes the expert. A site bet on France or Germany as the winner of the trophy is 4.33 at Unibet.

Spain, a soul favorite

“Let’s also talk about the chances of Spainthe trophy holder and my favorite soul. The Iberians were disappointed at the last world, in Brazil, when they left the competition still in the group stage. It is fantastic, in which three Spanish teams played European Cup finals. With such experience, Spain can defend its title won in 2012, “says the brand ambassador of the sports betting house Unibet, indicating a possible bet on Spain as the winner.

Again about France

Many extremely interesting options can be found in the offer of the online betting agency Unibet and many of them refer to the favorites of Euro 2016. France is again in the foreground, this time on the most beautiful part of football, goals. In the six out of seven games played by France until May 2016, the average number of goals per game was 2.3which promises a lot in the near future.

“France impresses at this European championship by the quality of the offensive players. Didier Deschamps goes on a 4-3-3 module verified in friendly countries like those with Germany, England and Holland,” emphasizes the expert. If France will score the most goals among the teams participating in the final Euro 2016 tournament, any Unibet customer who chooses such a bet at this moment will win 4.25 times the bet amount.

 the expert also points to Mesut Ozil as a goal scorer: “Scorers are usually in the spotlight, but passers-by also play a decisive role in a team.

Captain in the Premier Leaguea nd in the final tournament, Ozil has great chances to be in first place in decisive passes, especially since he is the main servant in the team of Germany “. Unibet share: 7.50.

Go Europe

“I think we can qualify. I rely on our defensive organization, and if we consider that after groups will leave home only 8 teams out of 24, we can be optimistic”, is the encouragement of the one who years ago had the same hopes, expressed directly on land. The quota for Europe’s qualification in the best competition is 1.60which also expresses a great possibility.

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