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Gaming on the go

Portable gaming has been a part of gaming culture for almost as long as gaming has been a thing. While most people think the Game Boy was the first handheld device when it was released in 1989, the title actually goes to the Microvision which was released a full ten years earlier in 1979. There had even been single game portable devices released before this, but the first console allowing multiple games was the Microvision.

This means portable gaming has a 40 year history to back it up. A history almost as long as gaming itself. Over that time there have been a huge number of improvements and advancements to the medium as the technology evolved. But what has happened to portable gaming in recent years? Is the Game Boy still the market leader? What is coming next?

Mobile gaming

Smartphones have invaded almost every facet of our daily lives. They have taken over social interactions, navigation and they are well on their way to dominating portable gaming. Because smartphones have increased in power significantly over the last ten years, as well as providing access to high speed internet, they have become almost the perfect device to use for gaming. The increase in memory, access to cloud storage and cloud computing as well as almost constant connectivity means that smartphones can achieve everything that portable consoles can while also offering greater versatility. Players can play a wide range of games without having to carry around a large bag for their console. Everything from RPGs to Poker is on offer with smartphones.

They have also given players access to sportsbook and casino gaming that was never available before. A quick look at will show you just how much is available to players on their smartphones. This increase in choice has made mobile gaming one of the most viable ways to game on the go in the modern world.

Traditional portable consoles

However the rise of the smartphone does not mean the death of the portable console. The 3DS and the Switch both have the typical Nintendo level of innovation to help them stand out from mobile devices with the 3DS obviously including the 3D aspect and the Switch doubling up as a traditional home console as well as a portable device. This means players still have a high quality portable console choice available to them, as well as being able to continue with the long history that Nintendo has with portable devices.

Of course they do not have the benefits of smartphone gaming, but they do have benefits of their own. Games crafted specifically for that device means they tend to be superior to phone games, the controls tend to be much better on portable consoles, and there is also the added bonus that your gaming will never be interrupted by a poorly timed phone call. While smartphone gaming may well be on the rise, it still has a way to go to dethrone the king of portable gaming.

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