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Current state of online poker – can I still beat it?

Yes, you can still beat it. It’s not going to be easy, but poker is still beatable to this date. If you don’t’ know what happened in the late 2000s, we can make a quick “blast from the past” -type of briefing for you. 2000s was the golden age of online poker (and live poker as well) when World Poker Tour aired from various different TV-channels, and the WSOP (World Series Of Poker) winners took home multiple million dollars each year. Some of them even qualified to the main event through online satellites and ended up winning it all (Chris Moneymaker).

We’ve come a long way to this point, where even the smallest stakes of poker is filled with hundreds of thousands of hopeful players, wishing to “make it”. If you are serious about your abilities to win in poker on long term, you should at least have a some sort of backgrounds in gambling / card games, as if you are a COMPLETELY fresh soul, starting your journey, we’re afraid that it might be too late for you.


Tournament poker (MTT’s, a.k.a Multi Table Tournaments)


Tournament poker is one of the few game modes still left for total newbies to beat as well. Like everything in life, this also means you’d have to work hard for it, but it’s still reachable. Tournament poker attracts players of all levels, but it’s downside is the serious variance related issues that comes with downswings. Even the top professionals of the world (we’re talking about the best of the best there is) are suffering from downswings, and it’s safe to say, it’s not about how they are playing, but rather just unlucky situations, piling up at the same time. You can image how crushing a bad downswing can be for a player who still isn’t 100 percent trusting his own skills.

If you’re looking to compete in tournament poker, start reading books and make sure you play A LOT of them in order to try and beat the variance with volume.


Cash games are tough


Cash games nowadays are the single most toughest game mode of poker that there is. Even the smallest limits like 0.25$ – 0.50$ are filled with players who are using all sorts of softwares and analyzing constantly your data from the way you’re playing. Trying to make it on this world is extremely hard, but still somehow is profitable. Kind of. If you’re willing to put thousands of hours just to learn the mathematics and theories of “new world” poker strategies and metas (most effective tactics available), you might just make it.


Use bonuses when you start


When you’re starting your poker career, make sure you take advantage of the available poker bonuses that there is. These bonuses might even double your bankroll, which is a huge help if you face a downswing right from start. Good luck!

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