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A Brief History of NBA

If you want us to start from the beginning, we have to mention that NBA or National Basketball League began to as Basketball Association of America after World War II, or in 1946.

It started as the association with eleven teams, but during the next season four teams went down, and even though the competition between BAA and NBL were active back in the day, finally they merged and created a new league that we are watching today.

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However, before you do it, let us continue with a brief understanding of the biggest basketball league in the world.

The Beginnings

When the first two leagues merged, the number of teams went up to 16, and after the six years, the number went down to eight due to financial troubles. It continued with eight teams from ’55 to ’61 until Chicago Packers entered the league.

Have in mind that NBA has always dominated the basketball world and during the early decades the biggest and the most active team was Minneapolis Lakers with the most fabulous start,GeorgeMikan. They have won five championships from ’48 to ’54.

However, soon afterward Boston Celtics became the prominent team that won 11 championships and the most prominent rivals until ’80 were Lakers and Celtics. We all know that ’90s have seen the rise of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls that started to dominate the field until they reached the point of winning six titles in one decade.

Rose to Prominence

For instance, during the ’60s, NBA increased by adding new teams and created additional challenges that allowed players to be drafted and to reach the big league. The popularity of basketball grew rapidly during the ’80s,and it all had to do with the rivalry of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

These two players created a foundation and became the definition of what rivalry should be in sports teams, so they dominated the entire decade with their fantastic ideas, plays,and games.

Due to their rivalry, the attention of the audience and television overgrew, and NBA started to make first significant TV deals, which was the next wave of expansion that brought more money and wealth to both teams and players as well.

The Age of Michael Jordan, similarly as we’ve mentioned above, increased the popularity of the league, and we can easily say that he was the first basketball superstar that got even more significant than association both inside and outside the pitch.

The New Era of NBA

The era after Michael Jordan brought us to the point where numerous international players decided to join the NBA. For instance, during the beginning of new millennia, people from all across the globe entered the NBA such as Dirk Nowitzki and many more.

Even though today we see that NBA brought a basketball to a whole another level when compared with other leagues across the world, you should understand that legacy that created would stand the test of time, and we can only expect the rise and breaking the boundaries the old players made.

Leo Ferris

We also have to mention that during the early days of basketball, it was a slow game due to low scoring matches that were not exciting to the audience and spectators. The maximum was 40 points per team, where one player would score 15 points, and that would be the perfect score.

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During the early days, the game did not have rules that we apply today, and the style culminated to the point where fans thought that basketball was boring and dull. In that particular point, NBA needed something else, a change of a game that would bring more audience back.

That is when they created a clock, which gave only 24 seconds for one team to enter the attack, which brought the excitement to a game. We can say thanks to Leo Ferris, the man who changed the way NBA looks and brought more audience to matches.

Since then numerous rules entered the scene so that we can get the basketball we see today. We can proudly say that NBA will always create the groundwork for worldwide basketball, which was only an imagination during the first years of the league.

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