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8 Tips for Winning at Baccarat

Baccarat has steadily become a casino favourite for the everyday average Joe punter and rightfully so, because it’s become inexpensive to play and it’s so much fun. However that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone knows how to play it well. Here are a few simple tips for getting ahead at Baccarat. You can check out c9bets.com for casinos that offer Baccarat.

Tie Bet

Avoid the Tie Bet, as this is the one bet that gives the house the highest edge over the player. With an edge of 14{3e9fadb3674c215074730abad8be9388081edd09910aca02dda36fef2183ab7e}, this will no doubt sink you quickly and all your cash with it.

Bet on the Bank

The Bank Bet gives you statistically the best odds of beating the house, which then makes sense to go for this bet most of the time. Because the bet favours the player over the house, a small percentage is taken from this win. Even so, it’s still your best bet.

Get a Streak Going

When the Bank Bet gives you a win, keep making this bet to get a hot streak going. It is however advisable not to bet too heavily as you still face the house odds.

Don’t Jump Straight In

After the Banker Bet has lost, do not just right in again with a new bet. It is best to wait until the next decision before placing your bet.

Mini Baccarat can Result In Big Losses

The mini version of this game is aimed at making it more player friendly by having a lower minimum bet which is great. However, the pace of the game itself is much faster than the traditional version; like 2 to 3 times faster which means if you are losing, you could do so at a much higher pace. By only betting Banker, you can reduce the speed of your play by half and of course increase your odds.

Hop On the Banker

Normally you may wait until the next decision to place your next bet, but in the event the Banker beats the Player, you can hop straight back into the action by betting on the Banker and in this way try and create a winning streak for yourself.

Time and Money Management

As with all casino games, it is always best to set yourself a losing limit. With Baccarat, you can even break that down into smaller amounts and have that smaller amount as a break between sessions. This can give you a perfect opportunity to socialize, have a drink, and maybe even something to eat before you get back to the table. A hot streak can be the greatest thing in the world, but a losing streak can similarly be the worst.

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